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Innealra YDF is an independent oil palm biomass and coconut biomass processing machinery supplier based in China.

We supply complete services for biomass project inquiry and consulting support, machine customized fabrication, oversea installation and commissioning, and years round spare parts supplying.

Our portfolio include EFB Crusher, EFB Chipper, EFB Shredder, EFB Pellet Plant, EFB fiber dryer, Coir Fiber production and EFB Composting Turning.

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YDF Turn-key projects

Help for cause

As the leading supplier of size reducing machinery for oil palm and EFB biomass

  • Project feasibility study
  • Complete project design
  • Equipment manufacture and project engineering
  • Machinery delivery service to most of the locations in the world
  • Plant installation and commissioning service
  • Staff training and project managements
  • Spare parts supply and lifelong consulation service
  • On-site technical guide and equipment maintenance
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